15 online jobs from home without investment

Here I will show you, the 15 most suitable online jobs from Internet without investing from your own. The best thing about online jobs is,  you can earn money from your home in your free time. With many years of experience online, I am going to share, some of the legit and genuine ways where you can earn the real cash using your creativity and time.



Many people expect sudden income but no, you can not earn money overnight. You have to go through step by step. There are some cases you can earn fast but it is just for extra income. But if you want to make online as your main income source then you might have to work hard otherwise it is too difficult to sustain online.


Receiving payment online


Most of the job you do online, they have a common payment processor PayPal or Payza. These are the most popular online payment processors. Therefore it is very important for you to have an account in both payment processor. So that, you have the option to do a transaction online. It is not only the receiving payment online but you can send or invest other sites using both of your accounts.  And from some jobs,  you have the opportunity to direct bank transfer. Before creating an account in PayPal or Payza make sure that you have two documents. One is bank account and another is pan card(India only). Other documents like a debit card or credit card are needed if you want to invest online.


15 Free online jobs from home


Now get all the easy and best online jobs below suitable for the housewife, college student and the people who want to earn money from home. I am going to describe it briefly. Some jobs are simple and some jobs may need your technical skill. But it is not hard to learn if you have patience and motivation. All online jobs include free online earning sites where you can join without registration fees and earn money online without investment.


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PTC online job


Ptc online jobs are very popular online because of its simplicity. Even a kids can do that work. Ptc sites are small advertising network and it collects new members to visit their ads. Advertisers pay the PTC site to advertise their product and member of the PTC site visits their adverts. Therefore PTC network depends on the large members to run their business. It allows new members to sign up freely and pay them to visit the sponsor’s ads. As a member, you have to earn money simply clicking ads. It also offers other ways of earning money like completing offers, surveys, playing the game and recommending new members. By all means. here you will earn some extra income every month.


Never expect more money from this site unless you have a large number of downline. If you can refer more members then you will get more commissions. That is the only way to increase your income. There are many PTC sites but all are not legit and some sites are paying but still, it’s not worth your time. Find the oldest and paying site to join, so that you will never worry about your payment.  To get more information visit the link below



Captcha typing(Data entry) job

Here you can earn money online without investment by typing the texts or the numbers. You may have experienced while filling a sign-up form on a website, you will find one captcha test where you will be instructed to fill up a text or numbers to complete the sign-up or registration. These are nothing but to prevent the spammers or the robots from automatic sign up. They actually want to know whether you are a real person or not.

data entry job, typing job,captcha typing job,

Captcha typing jobs are the very easiest way to make some extra income every month from your home by typing the words and if you are good at typing then you can earn more. There are many companies offering this kind of jobs but the most popular company I can recommend you below to join

Micro freelancing jobs


These are small tasks provided by the employer with some instruction. You have to complete the tasks according to their instructions. If you failed to follow the instruction correctly then your reputation will be bad as an employee at the result you may get fewer tasks or if you make more mistakes then you will be banned. Therefore while attempting tasks follow their rules and do it correctly so that your reputation percentage will increase and you will get more tasks. Therefore, always attempt the easy tasks and avoid the tasks which are difficult for you.


Tasks are like giving a Facebook like sign-up in a website, commenting and liking YouTube videos, posting in forums. There are many easy tasks which you can do to earn money. Here I am going to give you a site where you can get a lot of tasks every day. You will receive money through PayPal once you reach $9.  Visit below



Online survey jobs


Surveys are one of the best ways to make some extra income every month simply providing your opinion. Most of the survey companies, want to know your opinion about a specific product or any kind of political or economic situations. There are two kinds of surveys. One is product specific and other is about your daily life style. In both ways, you have to honest while providing your opinion. If you are more honest with your opinion you may get more surveys to complete. Some survey sites pay you through PayPal and some survey sites pay you through gift voucher like Flipkart gift voucher where you can use those voucher to purchase the products.

online paid survey jobs,


Here I can recommend some of the survey sites, you can register your name. While sign-up with survey sites, you must have to fill up your profile information and according to your profile data, they may send the surveys. Most of the survey company target the customers from metro cities. While you filling up your profile data, it will be better if you put your city name is a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad. That will get you more surveys.


Recommended survey sites


Email reading job


free email reading jobs, genuine email reading job

Here you can earn money by viewing commercial advertisements. It is same as PTC site but the only difference is an email reading jobs you will be notified via email whenever the advertisements are available. Each email may contain several ads to view.


You will earn $0.02 for each ad you click. It is higher comparative to PTC sites. payment is through PayPal once you reach minimum payment threshold $25. But they will give you sign up commission $5 as a bonus free.


There are many sites offering this kind of jobs. But only sites I can recommend is hits4pay. You can join with Hits4pay by clicking the link below. After you sign up they will review your account and reply you within 24 hours. If you get approved then log in to Hits4pay and edit your interest categories. You can select up to 15 categories. The more category you select, the more email you will get. Another way to earn more with Hits4pay is referring new members. It has 2 level of the referral program. From both levels, you will get 50 % of commissions. Join now.


  1. Hits4pay


Earn from rewarding site


online rewarding job sitesSome site will pay you, if you can participate in their different activities like completing small surveys, playing the game, watching videos, shopping online and searching anything in their search engine bar. Here you will earn swag points and later you can convert them into cash while withdrawing your money.

It has also a referral program where you can increase your income by recommending new members. The only rewarding site I can recommend is Swagbucks. Join below.


  1. Swagbucks


Forum posting jobs


forum posting jobForum is a community where people discuss various things. But every forum will not pay you for discussing on their forum board. Here I am going to give you a forum where members are paid for discussing anythings. It may be about your daily life, education, politics, religion, movie, music, anything. You will earn money by participating others discussion or you may create a thread asking question others. When people reply your thread or questions you will be paid. If your question will get more reply then you will earn more money.


While creating a thread or asking a question you should add an image relevant to your question. For uploading an image you will also get paid for it. Your earning depends on how many responses you got to your thread. If you ask an interesting question, then it might get more responses. The Only thing you can do to get more response is to make more friends there. You can follow a lot of community people and they will follow back to you. And your friends may reply to your post and you should reply them so that your discussion will be lengthy which will cause you earn more. Join below with mylot.



Five dollars freelancing job



jobs in fiverr

Here you can sell your work or service to others. There are many people or companies wants others to do their work. Therefore they outsource their work for the people who have the skills to do so. Instead of doing work in a company for salary basis you can start your career as a freelancer where you can sell your work to different companies and earn much more from it. You can start your work as a writer, designer(logo, graphic, website), video animator and much more.



Fiverr is a freelancing market place where buyer and seller meet their requirements and you can be a seller there to earn money. Every small work you can sell is known as Gig. Basic Gig starts from 5 dollars. That means for a small piece of work you can claim 5 dollars. Suppose you are a writer then you can create a gig in your Fiverr profile that you can write an article with 500 words for 5 dollars and you can create separate gigs that you can write an article with 1000 words with 10$ like that and Fiverr is not limited to writing only. It is a vast freelancing market place and many skilled workers are there.


You can visit Fiverr, just look at how people are offering their services in the form of gigs. A gig is a sample of work which shows that he/she can do the particular works for others. Like if you are a musician you can sell your music to others or you are a programmer then you can create the gigs related to your skill. If you do not have any skill, then it is not hard to learn something from the Internet. You can cultivate one simple skill like whiteboard video animation or logo designing to earn money from Fiverr. To know more about Fiverr visit the link below



Earn from Google Adsense


Google Adsense is a revenue sharing company owned by google. As Google is the number one search engine on the Internet most of the big companies or the people who want the customers, they advertise their product or website in google Adwords. That ad Google show in its search result and helps the small webmaster like you and me to participate in their revenue sharing program to earn money by showing that Google Adsense ads on our websites. It is a pay per click program. That means when the visitors of your website click those ads you will make money. Google shares 68% of revenue to its publishers.


The simple thing is, if you have a website and getting good traffic then you can monetize your traffic with Google Adsense ads. Monetize means to generate revenue from your traffic. Before participating in their revenue sharing program you must be approved by them as a publisher. Therefore submit your website today for approval and once you get approved by Adsense team, then you can use Adsense ads to show any of your websites but your website must not violate their program and policies.


A Lot of webmasters are earning 1000 of dollars every month from google. It’s because Google always shows the ads which are 100% relevant to your content.  To know more about google Adsense click here


Youtube partnership program




YouTube is the second most popular site on the Internet after Google. It is the largest video sharing community where people spend their time watching videos to learn many things, or for the entertainment purpose. As YouTube is one of the hosting partners of google you can earn money from it by creating your own channel and uploading your interesting videos.


If you have a camera or a mobile then record some of the interesting scene surrounding you and upload the videos to your channel. Next step you can enable your channel for monetization and associate your Adsense account to get paid. A lot of people earn big money from YouTube but if you can upload at least 30 or 40 videos then it is not hard to earn 200 to 300 dollars every month. visit the link below to know more about YouTube



Earn money from blogging

earn money from blogging

Blogging is one of the lucrative ways to earn money online if you can do it properly. Blogging is nothing but creating your own website and share something useful stuff frequently.

Before creating a blog, you must choose a niche or subject on the basis of it you should think what you can write in your blog which will bring the visitors. Because without traffic you can not earn money. First, discover the area of your specialty and find a specific topic according to that. Once you choose the topic then research more it on the Internet and then write articles. Below is the step by step guide you can follow.


  1. find the topic
  2. Next purchase a domain
  3. purchase hosting for your website
  4. next, write articles
  5. focus on getting traffic to your blog
  6. next think about monetizing your web traffic with pay per click program, affiliate product to earn money.

For creating a website you need a domain name (within 500 rupees) and hosting (within 4000rupees)


If you can not afford for hosting then you can host your site in blogger.com. It is free. Once you set up your blog then create new posts or write articles about your topic. Next, you can focus on getting visitors or traffic to your blog. You can learn SEO optimization for your blog and learn how to get traffic. Once your traffic grows, then you can monetize your traffic with pay per click program ads and with affiliate product.  The best pay per click program is Google Adsense and for the affiliate product, we can discuss it below.


Work as a freelancer


Freelancing jobs are most popular online. Here you can work for different companies, website owners, or for any individual organizations who want to hire you for short terms in contract basis. Instead of working as an employee in a company where you don’t have freedom, you can start work for different companies from your home, in your own time.


When the people look for jobs in a particular company, they have to prepare their resume before they apply and in that resume, they mentioned their skill and experience. Like that you have to identify your skill and prepare a portfolio where you can mention your skill and your previous experience in handling any project. Even though you don’t have any previous experience still you can work as a fresher where you can demand less money for selling your work until you became a well-known freelancer.


There are many freelancing websites online where you can create your own profile and mention your skill. Suppose you are a professional web designer, then you can include the languages through which you can build the websites for others. Because before people hire you they will visit your profile and will see whether you are the right person to work for them. Now you can join with the sites below.



People per hour




content writing job


earn, money, writing article,job

If you are a professional writer then you can earn money by writing articles for others. A lot of webmasters will hire you for writing the content for their websites. No matter what kind of topic is, if you have writing skill or good communications to express the ideas then you can earn a decent income by freelancing your writing skills.


You will be paid on the basis of the how many words you can write. The more words you write, then you can earn more money. And it also depends on the level of your writing skill. They have 3 kinds of the writer such as standard, premium and elite writers Premium writers earn double than the standard writer likewise elite writer earn more than premium writers.


And it is not very hard to develop your writing level if you are focused with that. Now you can join with Iwriter. Just click on write content and sign up. Once you sign up then click on write content and select the categories, then find a project to write articles. Join with



Affiliate marketing

how to earn money from affiliate marketing


Some people or companies want to reward you if you can sell their product online. You will earn a certain percentage of commissions once the product has been sold.


In affiliate marketing, 3 parties are involved like the advertiser, affiliate and customers.  There are a lot of affiliate network which allows the advertisers to advertise their product and you being an affiliate or publisher to the network to sell the advertisers product and once the customer buys the product then you will earn money.


There is no risk involved from your side because once you send the customers to their product then everything will be taken care of by affiliate network like how the product will reach to customers house or how the customer will pay the money.


All you have to do is join the affiliate network and find the suitable product which you think you can sell online. Once you have chosen the product they will give the product link or banner which includes your tracking Id and promote it online. If a visitor(customer) buys the advertiser’s product by clicking your link then you will make commissions. But the question is how can you sell online.


There are many ways you can find the customers online. Like creating your own website and making a product review. At the end of the review, you can include your product link. Suppose I will create a post regarding how to create a website. For creating a website somebody needs a domain and hosting. Therefore I can recommend my readers the best place to purchase their domain and hosting with my affiliate link. Like that there are other ways you to sell online without a website. Few ways are below


  1. creating an email list
  2. Through traffic exchange site
  3. purchasing solo ads
  4. posting in the Facebook group and page(freeway)
  5. Facebook ads (paid way)


Join the most popular affiliate network below

Amazon associates

Commission Junction




Earn from CPA offers

CPA offers are known as cost per action. CPA is a kind of internet marketing where you will be paid by promoting other’s product. Here you should not have to sell anything to get commissions but all you have to do is provide them the lead.

That means once you joined with CPA network they will give the product link to promote via your blog or social networking sites. If anybody clicked your affiliate link and take an action like providing their email or ph.no. then you will be paid.

visit this link to know more about this job


These are all, 15 genuine work from home jobs, that I have shown you above. Initially, it may be hard to you understand all jobs, but slowly you can understand because that is how people are earning money from the Internet.