10 ways to make money online from home


This post is for the people who are the absolute beginner online and looking for an opportunity,  how  to earn money without Investment. Therefore, We will share all simple and easy online ways to make money from home which you can do, in your free time . First thing , earning from online is not same as the offline. If you want a offline job, then you have to visit the company and face an interview and if you get selected according to your skill or academic qualification then you can do the work with your basic training. Online jobs are not like that. All you need the information about how to start work. Some ways you do not need any technical skill but some ways you have to learn step by step.

 earn money from home without investment

Who can do this work?

Anybody can do , Here company will not ask your academic qualification nor any experience. You have to learn the things which you can implement in order to earn money.  Here a student can earn or A house wife who has little time to spend in order to make some extra cash.

Things required for working from home

3 things you need for working online

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection
  • A bank account in your name
Above 3 things, you must have in order to work online. Rest I will tell, how to earn money online without investing from your own.

Receiving payment online 

 Before going to work online, for the first thing you have to think how can you receive your payment online. Here I will tell you how easy it is to receive payment online. Most of the company you are going to work may or may not be located in your country. Therefore cross border transaction or international transaction needs a medium . Online has two most popular payment processor which can make your transaction easy. One is paypal and another is payza. Company will send your money to your paypal account and then paypal will convert the international currency in to your local currency then send it to your bank account. 

Therefore, you need to open an account in paypal or payza . Payza is an alternative to paypal . Because if a site has no paypal option, then in that case you can use your payza account. Both are trusted payment processor. You can open your account in paypal and payza today. Its free.

10 easy ways to earn money from home 

Below are the 10 simple ways to earn money from your home. You can go through the whole article and try to understand how each one works.

  • earn from ptc sites
  • use survey sites to make extra income
  • be a captcha solver
  • complete mini jobs or tasks
  • join with rewarding sites
  • be a seller in fiverr
  •  be a publisher at google adsense
  • join with youtube partnership program
  • be a logo designer
  • be a web designer

1. Earn from PTC sites

Earning from ptc is very easy. Ptc means paid to click . You will be paid only  by clicking advertisements.  Some people wants to advertise their product or website to find the customers online. Therefore they choose Ptc site to expose their product.  Because advertising in ptc site is will not cost them more. With less cost they can advertise their link in ptc site and ptc sites collect the members who can click their ads.  Advertiser pay the ptc site for advertising their product and part of the money ptc sites pays its members for viewing their ads.

Apart from clicking ads, you can earn money by completing surveys, offers, and referring new members. Every ptc site has minimum amount for cash out. Once your reach that amount , you will be able to cash out your money via paypal or payza.

Visit here for more information about PTC sites

2.  Use paid survey sites

Paid survey means, you will be paid by completing surveys. You might have heard about surveys.Wherever survey is conducted in any topic, they only need the customers opinion. Big company they want to know what their customer's are feeling about their product, If they get any negative feedback, then they will make their product better in order to stay in profit. Earlier surveys are conducted through telephone but now the advancement of internet most of the market research company conducting the surveys online because it is easy for them to target demographic locations like big cities in every countries. So, you can earn money by participating paid surveys simply providing your opinion.

Visit here for more information about paid surveys

3. Be a captcha typer

When you register in a website, you will see one image below to the sign up form which tells you to write the text before you complete the registration. Its because they want to know whether a real human is registering in their website or any bot. Because a bot can not read the text written in that image. A bot who can fill the form automatic but it will stop in the image. Therefore for the security reason the website owners install the small image script which is known as captcha in order to prevent any automatic sign up. A bot or computer can not pass the captcha test. It needs human to read the text.  Lot of companies , outsource the captcha typing for the employees. For typing 1000 captchas maximum you can earn up to $1.

Visit for more information

4.  complete tiny tasks or micro tasks

Some people want their work should be done by employees.  They can not hire employees from offline because those work needed a net connection. Therefore they outsource their work  to the employees who are interested to do the small tasks with some instructions. Each task you complete you will  earn  $0.10 to $5 . It will take very little time to complete a task.  But you must be careful while doing a task. Each task has specific information and you have to follow that instructions. Tasks are like sign up in a website, liking or commenting on a video in youtube, posting in formum, Installing some applications in your computer or android mobile, completing a little surveys, liking or share a post in facebook. They will pay you through paypal once you reached the minimum payout.
Now you can join with microworkers, rapidworkers, crowdflower, amazon mturk

5.Earn from rewarding site

Rewarding sites are one of the best way to earn some extra cash every month. Here you can earn money by completing small surveys, watching videos, searching something in their search engine, playing game, browsing website, shopping online, and also referring your friends. The two most rewarding site I can recommend is swagbuck and Ayuwage. You can join with them and earn money by participating its various activities. Find other rewarding sites to earn money.

6. Use your craft or skill to sell on fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing market place where people come to purchase gigs. Gigs represents a piece of work set by a seller which can be sold with minimum price $5.  The sellers are from different field like a seller might be a writer, web designer, programmer, video editor, graphic designer, Seo consultant, white board video animation ,  many more. If you have a specific skill , then you can sell your work in fiverr in the form of gig. Basic gig starts from $5 but the price will be increased depending on the work, which a buyer wants to purchase.  Now you can join with Fiverr. Update your profiles with your skill so that people will visit your profile to know you more and if they need any work ,  then they will contact you . If you do not have any skill then learn something from internet in order to be a seller in fiverr. Because you can sell any small piece of work with $5 .

7.  Use google Adsense

Most of people ask me , how to earn money from google. Google is not providing you direct job online. Instead it set up a company called google adsense for its publisher, in order to earn money from commercial advertisements. Google adsense is a revenue sharing company, which share its 68% revenue with its publishers.  Lot of people are earning more than $50 per day with it. It depends on their website traffic and what kind of stuff they share.

To become a publisher and earn money from adsense, you need your own website. If you do not have one, then you can create  a website in your favorite topic. Once you create website, write the article frequently in order to get more traffic. Next you can apply for adsense because they need to review your website before they approve you as a publisher.  Once you get approved , use different ad sizes to put in your website. The moment you put those advertisement javascript code , then google will show ads relevant to your content. When visitors of your website click those ads, you will be able to earn money.

8.  Youtube partnership program

Youtube is the largest video sharing community in the Internet. And it is second largest website owned by google. When you are watching videos in youtube, you will find different kind of videos in different categories. Videos from Movies, music and tv serial, sports, news,  are shared by biggest channels.  These channels are not only providing the entertainment but also they are earning huge money from youtube.  How is it possible? It is possible because youtube use their videos for commercial purpose.  When you watch videos , you will notice the different kind of advertisements will appear in video time to time relevant to video content. When people click those ads, then the owner of that video will make money. Those ads from google adsense. These big channels are the partner of youtube. And youtube has given them the option to monetize their video content with google adsense ads.

Not only the big channels can be the partner of google, but people like you and me can be the partner with youtube. If you can create any interesting videos, then you can upload those videos in youtube and monetize your videos with google adsense ads. If you have any account in adsense then all you have to do is associate your adsense account with youtube and get paid via google adsense.

9. Be a logo designer

A logo is a company's brand symbol which can be remembered the moment people see it. It represents the company. A simple logo can tell lot of thing about the company. As Internet is growing, many small or big companies making their debut online. If you have artistic skill then you can make simple logos in photoshop and sell them in lot of freelancing websites like fiverr, upwork

10. Earn from designing websites

Many small business owner , they want to run their business online.  But, they do not know , how to design their website, they want to outsource that work for others. And if you are a webdesigner then you can take the opportunity to make money online.  Even if you do not have knowledge about web designing then you can learn from internet. There are lot of websites giving free tutorial about many web languages. You can learn 3 basic languages like Html, css, php in order to make great websites. If you have interest to learn web design then visit W3school, code academy . It may take 1 to 2 months to complete 3 languages. Once you became an expert about 3 languages, then your next step will be getting customers to sell your work. There are many ways to sell your work online. You can keep direct contact to people , and create your own website to advertise your work.  And create a free ad in justdial. You will see every week , you will get 2 or 3 customers.  Once you became expert in building website, slowly you have to develop your coding skill by learning php and mySQL to became a over all solution for your customers. Then your next step will be became a freelance web designer . Create a profile in Upwork. Update your skill and add a sample of your work. Then wait for your first project to work on.

These are all 10 best ways to earn money online for free. Some ways are easy, that you can do without learning or any registration fee. But some ways you may have to spend time to learn technically in order to earn money online without investment..



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