As I have already explained about Clixsense in my earlier post.If you haven't checked then click HERE

Now the question arises how to earn more than $100/Monthly from Clixsense. Here I will give the best strategy to earn from this site.

Clixsense Best Strategy:

Some people think that it is not easy to make money with Clixsense,but I personally earned more than $500 from this site.
With best strategy this site really works and you can earn a good amount of money.It provides several ways  to earn money like Surveys,Crowdflower Tasks,Offers.
But mainly I do Surveys.Surveys are very easy to do and takes about 5-20 minutes depending upon the amount of money it gives.

So without wasting time Lets start with the best strategies of Clixsense.

Strategy 1:
If you haven't joined Clixsense yet,then sign up HERE.
First thing I advise to all ,is to attempt Surveys.Surveys are the best way to earn a lot of money from Clixsense.I would even say that Clixsense is the best legit survey site ,I have ever seen.
But before you participate in Surveys,you must complete your Survey profile.You just need to fill up some of your data like gender,monthly income,annual income,profession,number of children,marital status,age etc.
After you complete your profile ,you can take part in surveys.
In the image below ,you can check surveys opportunities waiting in my account.

You need to check regularly for available surveys ,because surveys don't remain for long time.You should attempt it as soon as it appears in your account and always try to give honest answers.
My recommend is to check multiples time through out the day for available surveys.

Strategy 2.
Doing Crowdflower Task is another way to earn money from Clixsense. Doing simple task from Crowdflower is fun ,easy and takes few minutes to complete.
In the beginning you will not get much tasks to complete .But as you complete few tasks ,you will be promoted to level 2,then level 3.

Try to attempt those tasks that you are capable of.Always maintain accuracy level of 70% or more.If your acucracy level falls below 70% you will not be allowed to do tasks.
So keep patience because in the beginning you will not get too much of task to complete,task are of few cents and little harder.But as you complete some tasks say 100 ,you will get level 2 then level 3 badge and you will be allowed to do more easy tasks.
I have personally earned more that $600 from these tasks.
Below Image shows Tasks completed by me.

Strategy 3:
Completing offers is also good source of income from Clixsense. These offers are of different types like sign up on different sites,downloading Apps. on mobile etc.
You can check these offers regularly and always read instructions to complete.


To be able to withdraw  money from Clixsense you should have a minimum balance of $8 in your account.There are many methods of payment,through Payza,Skrill etc.I would recommend Payza. Payza is most trusted ,so choose Payza to withdraw money from Clixsense.



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