clixsense Review – An update of 2017( is that site scam or legit?)

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About Clixsense

    • This company started in 2007
    • Earlier it was owned by Steven Grisky but later in May 2010, Gim Grogo owned the site
    • The site is online more than 10 years and paying members instantly.
    • Accepts the members worldwide but few countries are restricted like ( Afghanistan, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Vietnam)
    • Earlier it was simply a PTC  ( now closed)
    • Now turned a rewarding site(many ways to earn)
    • Offers 8 level lucrative affiliate program (now closed)
    • offers a premium membership with less cost which is 17$ per year( now removed)
    • Daily payment through  Payza, skill


clixsense review,


Company history


clixsense started in 2007 by Steven Grisky but later he sold it to Gim Grogo in May 2010.  Almost all 10 years of online it was mainly a PTC site where people can earn money simply clicking advertisements.  But later they added other ways of earning money like completing tasks, offers, participating in online surveys and playing clixgrid game.


As time has changed, ClixSense has changed their business model. In 1 st July 2017, the company declared that they are going to remove the PTC ads, Clixgrid game, 8 level affiliate program, premium membership,  and the changes are going to be applied on 17th July 2017 on wards.



They made this changes because of two reasons.  They realize that PTC way of earning is harming their company reputation instead of giving them any benefit as PTC industry is loaded with the scam and fraud. The second reason is they lost their PayPal merchant account which they used to pay their members.



Soon Cixsense will be turned into a rewarding site where you can earn money by completing crowdflower tasks, completing offers, participating surveys. and also referral commissions.


how to earn money from clixsense



By the changes of clixsense you can earn money by following ways

  • participating surveys
  • completing tasks and offers
  • checklist bonus
  • referral commissions


sign up with clixsense

And sign up with payza to receive payment



Earn money by participating surveys



clixsense is one of the top survey networks on the internet.  Most of the big market research companies affiliated with clixsense as it has millions of members from all over the world. You will get a lot of surveys through out the day. It has two kinds of survey. one is the daily survey and another is the invitation survey. Before going to explain about the two kinds of survey, you have to understand what is a survey? A survey is a set of questions about a product or anything where you can earn money by providing your opinion or answers. To know more about survey visit here.




clixsense has its daily survey router where you can find 4 or 5 different survey companies. You can try these companies whether they have the survey available or not. If surveys are not available right now then you can check it several times of a day because new surveys may be added time to time.



Invitation survey


These are the survey which you will be invited to participate through your email. You will be notified via email that there is a survey waiting for you to complete. Survey companies like Toluna (0.60$ for each survey within 15 minutes) and opinionworld (0.85 USD  for each survey within 10 or 15 minutes )will send the survey invitations.


Before completing any survey make sure that you have updated your survey profile. According to that, you will get the survey invitations. Apart from Invitation survey, they will also post different surveys on their site. All you have to do is logging in to your clixsense account to check whether the survey is available or not. Because if you do not participate it for a long time then that survey might disappear or quota will be filled up because of enough participant.





Surveys are the best way to earn everyday 2 to 3 USD with clixsense. All you have to do is update your survey profile and expect the survey matched with personal information, Make sure that you have named your city one of the metro city like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad because most of the surveys are targeted to the people who are residing in big cities.



Earn money by completing tasks



Tasks are micro jobs or small jobs provided by crowdflower. There will be the number of tasks available for you to complete every day. you need to follow certain instructions before completing any task. Once you completed a task, money will be added to your clixsense account balance. From each task, you can earn few cents to several dollars. To know more about crowdflower task you can visit this link.


Complete offers



In clixsense, once you click the offer, you will see the lot of offers where you can earn clixcents. 1 clixcent is equals to 1 cent. They have offers like clixoffers,, matomy, superRewards, tokenads and much more. You can check it several times a day because new offers will be added time to time. Offers are short surveys, downloading or installing some applications, watching videos, shopping online. Some offers may need your android mobile to complete.


Get a  checklist bonus



You will be rewarded with a bonus from your various activities like if you complete 2 surveys or 10 tasks, visited one forum page. Below the requirements, you need to get a checklist bonus.

  • complete 2 offers(surveys) or 10 tasks
  • visit one forum page

Affiliate commission


Affiliate commissions means your referral commissions. Once you joined with clixsense they will provide you a unique referral link to every member. All you have to do is share that link to your friends via email or through any social networking site. Once they joined with clixsense by clicking your referral link, then they will be your referrals and when they work in clixsense you will get 20% commissions of their earning. Earlier it has 8 level of affiliate commissions but now it has been removed and only one level commissions you will get but they increase the percentage of commissions.

Apart from that if a new member signed up using your link then you will get the following sign up commissions.

  •  $2.00 commission on first $5.00 earned from their new affiliate.
  • $0.30 signup commission on new active affiliates in top tier countries.
  • $0.10 signup commission on new active affiliates in other countries


Clixsense research


It is another site of clixsense,  which you can find when you log in to your account. It’s a survey site. If you want to join with it then click the site in your account dashboard and sign up for it but you can not expect the lot of surveys like clixsense. Sometimes you may get a survey invitation or you may check their site by logging into it.


clixsense trick


If you want to increase your earning with clixsense , Here I will give you some tips from my experience which you can follow.  Below are the steps.

  • Install their ClixAddon into your browser and it will notify you the moment surveys are available
  • Try to attempt the survey immediately the moment it is available for you otherwise quota will be filled up ( enough participant)
  • in survey profile, name your city as a metro city otherwise you will get very less survey
  • log into your account early morning ( 5 AM) to find a survey as surveys are available at that time.
  • Try to refer new members as it has increased the referral commissions



Cash out


Clixsense pays every day if you reach their minimum amount. which is $10. Once your account balance will be $10 or more you can apply for cash out. They will pay through popular payment processor like payza or skrill. Don’t use skrill for withdrawing money because it will deduct a lot of transaction fees. Use payza.


Is clixsense a legit online company or is it an another scam?



We have covered everything about clixsense like its history and its ways of earning. Now let us discuss whether this company is genuine or another scam? For the answer to this question, we have to understand what is the scam. A scam company is a company which deceives or cheat its customers or members. Now let us analyze its pros and cons



  • Site is oldest and paying its members for 10 years
  • it removed its PTC ads which were harming its reputation
  • site care its members by giving sign up commission which other sites won’t pay.


  • it’s simply a rewarding site and you can not expect to get rich by completing surveys.
  • And you can not sit in front of the computer day long for expecting a survey.
  • Most of the new members don’t get referrals or recommend others to increase their income.


my opinion


Though clixsense is the oldest company, but you can not expect to earn 1000 of dollars every month simply completing surveys, offers, and tasks. It is just for extra income every month. And if you are interested in earning 2 to 3 dollars every day without thinking about getting referrals then this site will be suitable for you and you don’t have to worried about the payment because it has been paying its members for last 10 years.




Site is legit and genuine

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