How to earn extra income online by reading commercial emails

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Here we will show  one of the easiest way, how to earn money  from email reading job site  for free just by reading commercial emails. Reading email is a common thing which we are doing everyday. Do you know we can make money from it.


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There are many sites which have a email reading program. But earning from these sites is very less. Only genuine email reading sites which pays the highest is hits4pay.

It will send commercial emails to your account. One email may contain several ads. Once you got the mail , your work is open this email to see how many ads you have to click. Each ad you  click, you will earn $0.02 which you can not earn from other sites.


How hits4pay works?


Advertisers pays hits4pay to get exposure to their websites. Hits4pay shares that revenues with its members for viewing their websites.
The reason I like hits4pay
1- It is an established sites, started in 1998 and paying its members honestly
2- Highest paying advertising program
3- Sign up bonus $5
4- Two level referral program


How to earn money with hits4pay?

Step 1- click the banner below to sign up

step 2- Once you finished signed up, you have to wait 24 hours to get your account approved.

step 3- Everyday check your email, is there any paid email waiting for you to read.

step 4- if yes, click the link and log in to hits4pay , then click the ads one by one. Otherwise, you can log in to Hits4pay everyday to check whether paid ads are waiting for you to click or not.

step 5- Sometimes, you will get 4 or 5 ads to view and sometimes there may be less. But each ad you view, you will get 2 cents.


Update 25 march 2017

  Hits4pay is not paying last 3 months.  Therefore I removed the banner link, If the site will pay again then I might update it here but right now we can not recommend it.




If, you want to increase your income with hits4pay, then you need to get more emails. To get more emails, you need to select up to 15 interest categories. You can select minimum 3 and maximum 15 interest categories. To do this you have to go my account tab and then select edit interest. Here you can select up to 15 categories to expect more emails. Never forget to select more categories under finance investment, Internet business services and money and employment. Because from these categories you supposed to get more emails to read. But you can choose according to your interest which you think you will get more emails.

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For sign up with hits4pay you will get $5 sign up bonus. Apart from that you will get $0.02, for each ad you read. Everyday if you  get 4 ads then your earning will be$0.08 per day.

Hits4pay has also two level referral plan. You will earn $0.01 for each email that your direct referrals view and also you can earn $0.01 for each validated email that your direct referral’s referral view.
read here How to get referrals




Once your account will reach minimum $25, you can apply for cash out. It can only be done through paypal payment processor.




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