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How to earn money online from home


Often people ask me what is the easiest way, to earn money online from home to meet their minimum requirements . Some of them are working 1 or 2 years but they are unable to make a sustainable income from internet.  Sometimes they can not pay their internet bill. Now I can understand your pain.



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Truth is you can not earn money from online overnight.  Some people have early success but that is not the case with every body. You have to learn many things before you can see the real cash.


However if you are absolute broke, Then I am going to give you some online earning sites where you can expect atleast 10k (it can be more) every month without having any skill or investment.


Apart from that, I will show you other ways like affiliate marketing, freelancing, blogging, youtube partnership program where you can earn big money but it will take time , your hard work and some initial investment. Right now you can earn freely by joining the site which we are going to give you below and later you can implement other ways.



Receiving payment online


Before going to work online, one question might have hit in your mind how will you be get paid. yeah, payment is important otherwise nobody  will work.  Your payment will come through the popular payment processor paypal or payza.


Those are just online bank. They will send your money to your paypal account and paypal will send that money to your bank account.  Therefore you need to create an account in paypal and connect your bank account and pancard to verify it.



Verification is compulsory. Otherwise you can’t receive money.  Same with payza. But paypal is the best option. If you have any problem with creating account and its verification read the post below , then you will get the idea



Best online earning sites





Here I will show you some of the trusted online earning sites from 4 different categories, suitable for the college students and the people who wants some extra income every month.

1. earn from ptc sites

2- earn from rewarding sites

3- complete small tasks and earn money

4-online paid survey


# Earn from ptc sites


PTC is known as paid to click sites. You will be paid for visiting sponsors adverts. These sites are not meant for making huge money but for some extra income every month. You don’t have to spend more time but 5 or 10 minutes everyday. All you have to do is create a free account and earn money by clicking ads.


Apart from that you can get commissions, when you refer new members to the sites . When you joined the ptc sites they will give your referral link and all you have to do share that link with your friends, if anybody joined by clicking your link they will be your referrals and you will earn commissions when they will work and earn from ptc sites


Recommended sites


there are lot of ptc sites online but all of them are not paying. Only two or 3 of them i know which are paying and trusted.



Site is more than 7 years online paying its members instantly. Here you can earn money by clicking ads, completing surveys, offers, tasks , playing clixgrid and referring new members. More active referrals means more money. You can still expect $2 to $3 every day having 30 or 40 active referrals.


Site offers a premium membership with $17 for one year. But it is worth because you will get 8 level deep referral commissions.  for more information read this post




Ayuwage is a ptc site but little bit unique. Here you will earn credit by clicking ads, viewing content, completing small surveys, tasks and referring your friends.  credit can be converted into cash while withdrawing money.


Before doing any work, you must have to follow their instruction. If you failed following instructions, then you will get warning in your account. More warning will lead your account suspension. Instruction is easy to follow, so do not worry. Just little bit careful while you are doing tasks, viewing content and ads. But site is best for earning everyday $2 to $3 .


Ads and other tasks will be added through out the day. You can visit the site periodically. Otherwise you will miss the earning. Site also pay you 10% referral commission. Minimum payout is $5 and payment will be received through paypal. Now you can join with AYUWAGE




#Earn from rewarding site


Some site will reward you if you can complete certain activities. Like completing offers, taking surveys, bonus survey, bonus offers, watching videos, playing games, do online shopping and also referring others.


recommended rewarding  sites


Cashcrate- It is one of the oldest site in Internet.  Here you can earn some extra money by completing surveys, offers, and through online shopping. They also added other ways to earn like bonus survey, bonus offers, and watching videos.

It has 2 level referral program. You can earn 20% commission from your first level and 10% commissions from your second level. Minimum amount for cash out is 20$ and paypal is the payment processor. Join with cashcrate




Swagbuck is another online rewarding site. started in 2006 as a search engine. But now it included various ways to earn money. Members can earn by completing offers, surveys, watching TV(videos), playing games, shopping, web search( using their search engine), using swag codes and their referral program(10% commissions)

There you can earn swagbucks which will be converted into cash. once you earned $5 , then you can redeem it through paypal. They have other ways to redeem your swag points like amazon gift card,flipcart voucher.




#Earn money by completing tasks online


If you have little knowledge about internet then you can earn from online by completing small tasks, like giving a facebook like and share, sign up in a website, watching youtube videos , like and commenting in youtube videos, giving a g+ like,


Other tasks like finding a author name of a particular article, installing a software in your browser, all these tiny tasks you can do and make some extra income every month. These tasks are provided by some of the employer who wants you to work for them with some instructions. You have to follow the instructions before completing any tasks


recommended task site


Following are the recommended task sites you can join





# Earn with paid online surveys


Surveys are the best way to earn few bucks everyday. Lot of companies wants your opinion about their product so that they can make it better.  Surveys are targeted the specific audience. There are two kinds of online surveys one is daily survey and another is product specific surveys. In daily survey you will be asked about your daily life and in product specific survey you will be asked about your experience and opinion.


From both survey you can earn money. All you have to do is join some of popular survey companies without any registration fee and check periodically whether any survey is available for you  or not. Some survey sites pays you through paypal and survey sites reward you through gift vouchers like flipcart vouchers where you can purchase the products.


Recommended survey sites





visit this link to find more online survey sites


These are all the legit and genuine earning  sites that I have shown you above. You can join with them and earn money online without investing in your free time. Don’t expect much if you do not have referrals. Still this is the way to initial start up which will help you earn some extra income every month.




Earn money online in India  2016



Now we will go for the bigger online earning opportunities for 2016  and just think how you can use the internet to make a living from your home. All I do is to pass the information which I have learned from the years of experience online. which will give you the idea and using your own effort to generate cash online.


Here you will learn how to earn money with

1- creating your own website

2- google adsense

3- affiliate marketing

4- youtube partnership program

5- freelancing



#Creating your own website


Creating your own websites, is just like starting your own business online.  Most of the big earner from  the internet have their own blog and they have their own concept.  Like that you have to choose your own concept. Because your website needs the content and without content no one will visit your website.  Your earning depends on the web traffic(visitors) .


Therefore, think in which topic you will create your website. My friend has a website where she has written about  natural home remedies . She knows simple ayurvedic treatment for cold, fever, coughs and other diseases. So, she created a lot of articles where she is sharing her knowledge.


Like that you have to choose your own topic, in which you have enough knowledge. There are many topic like health, education, sports, or any other particular topic. Suppose sports is a big topic but you know some particular aspect of sports. let it be Yoga.  Again you know some particular Yoga.  Then it will be your topic.


Once you select your topic then think about building your website. Now a days it is easy for starting a website within 15 minutes. For creating a website you need a domain name and hosting. Domain name is your business name and you can purchase it from godaddy within 500 rupees. And for hosting you can purchase it from godaddy or from bluehost.




Once you set everything then you can install wordpress to start blogging about your chosen topic by using the keywords.  Next thing you have to focus on how to get traffic. Once your website became popular you can monetize your web traffic with adsense ads, with some affiliate product, and selling the web space for advertisers to earn money.



#Google Adsense


You know google . It is the number one search engine in internet. Often people think how can we earn from google.  Allright , I will tell you how? Google adsense is the product of google. It is an advertising platform which allows the webmasters to put their relevant contextual ads in their website to earn money from it.


If you have a website, and getting good traffic then you can be a partner with google adsense and monetize your web traffic by putting the adsense ads ( text or image) . When your visitors click those ads , you will be able to earn money.  More visitors ( traffic) means more money.


The reason the webmasters are making more money with adsense because google always shows the ads which is 100% relevant to their web content. And the visitors most likely to click those ads as they are similar to their query and  Google share 68% ad revenue with its partners (publishers).


There are lot of people earning 1000$  from adsense every month. It is the most popular way. I have a website getting only 1000 traffic and I am earning 6$ to $7 every single day. If you have a website which is getting atleast 300 to 400 traffic everyday then try to get approved by adsense and getting approved by adsense is not the difficult one.


Only thing, you have to be careful (about your website content and how it is getting traffic) before apply.


  • Your website must be getting atleast 300 ot 400 traffic everyday.adsense approval guide
  • It should not have adult or racial content
  • you should not promote paid to click or email reading site
  • you should not use copyright content.
  • your website should not be getting traffic from traffic exchange or paid to click sites.


Visit for more information about its program and policies


Now you can sign up with google adsene using one of your gmail account. Once you get approved then log into the adsense dashboard  and select the different ad sizes and put these ad code in your website sidebar, header and below the post title.  But remember one thing you should not click your own ads nor encourage others to click your website ads.  To know more about google adsense you can click the link below.





#affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is something, where you can generate commissions by selling other people’s or companies product. Some companies allow you to be their affiliate or publisher and all you have to do is to choose the product which you want to sell and get the product link ( your affiliate link for the product) and share it with your customer.


When people buy the product from the company by using your affiliate link  then you will get commissions. Suppose one affiliate network is commission junction where advertisers advertise their product and I am being an affiliate to commission junction I have to sell the advertiser’s product in order to earn commissions.


I sell godaddy domain . Here

Godaddy is the advertiser

Commission junction is the Affiliate network

And I am a publisher or an affiliate to the commission junction. I think now you can understand how it works.


like that there are many affiliate network in internet where you can join and sell the product. But before selling any product they have to review your account and approve you as a publisher to their network.


how to sell online?


Selling the product online depends on your marketing skill. More sells means more commissions. There are many ways you can sell the product online. You can sell it through your website,  social media and through your email list.


The best platform for selling the product is creating your own website  and integrating the email newsletter with it. And write a post where your product link will be used. Suppose I have written a post regarding how to create a website. For creating a website some body needs a domain name.


And I recommended my visitors to purchase the domain from godaddy  through my affiliate link . As long as visitors are keep coming to my website I will be generating commissions freely. Now you can join with 2 affliate network below.

amazon associates

commission junction



#youtube partnership program



Youtube is owned by google. It is the largest video sharing community. People spend lot of their time watching in youtube videos for getting news, learning new things, and for the entertainment purpose.


It has also given  opportunity to the people for making  their own channel and upload their own videos. Then people will earn money by monetizing their channel with  google adsense ads.Untitled3


When you watch the youtube videos, you will see the commercial ads will appear time to time inside the videos. Those ads are from google. If  any watcher (viewer) will click those ads, then owner of that video will earn money.


Lot of people depends on youtube for their livelihood .  Youtube is their only earning source. I know some of the people those who have channel for cooking items.  They are earning huge.


like that if you can make some videos in any interesting topic then it is time for you to upload those videos in youtube and start earning today if not 1000$  but 100$ 200$ easily .


If you can create atleast 20 interesting videos, then you can expect 100 to 200 dollars every month. Because I have my own experience. I earned a lot from youtube. As your channel grew old, your subscriber will grow and your earning will grow.


For more information visit  how to earn from adsene on youtube partnership program



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