Earn money online by participating in forum discussion

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Do you have minimum communication skill ? Can you write 3 or 4 sentences in english? Yes most of us can write as we spend lot of time in social networking sites chatting with our friends.

Now you can earn money simply responding others questions or asking a question to other friends. It is just like earning money by chatting with your friends.

Mylot is a social network site where people spend their time by making friends, liking others post or replying others. Now it has re-introduced its earning program in 2015 .If you start a discussion or reply others discussions, then you can make money.




There are many topic like education, sports, religion, people, relationship,earn money, health, computer, parents, exercises and many more .


You can discuss about any topic which you know very well. Once you started a discussion then people will start responding your discussion then you should communicate with them in order to make your post lengthy and more debatable. As the discussion grow, your earning will grow.

How to earn more money with mylot discussion

There are 4 ways which I think , you can grow your income.


first- you can start an interesting discussion


if you start writing an interesting topic, then more people will respond you and you can communicate with them . As your discussion get more reply your earning will grow.


Second Make more friends in mylot-


Mylot is not only a forum discussion site. It is also a social networking site where you can make friends. There is an Advantage of making friends because if you make more friends then your friends may respond your discussions. You not only earn from your own discussion but you can earn all the reply which you got from your friends in your discussions.


You also like to earn from


Uploading an image


If you can upload an image related to your discussion, then it may make your posts looks good which will cause you earn more. Uploading image is a optional thing but you must consider start a discussion with an image.


Reply others discussions


Find other people’s discussion and reply to them. As you reply more then you will earn more. All you need a good typing skill.


How much you can earn from each post you create?


it depends on mylot algorithm. If you start a lengthy post in an interesting topic, then you can expect to earn more . If your discussion has no substance then it will cause you to earn less.

How to get paid?


You will be paid in your paypal account once you earned $10. Now you can join with mylot by clicking the link below




Final words

We spend lot of time in facebook simply chatting with our friends. Why not spend our time in a site where we can earn money by sharing and improving our knowledge . If you are a professional writer then no problem for you to discuss a topic or reply others. Also you can check out other 15 free Internet jobs which you can do from your home

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