How to Become an Expert in Typing Jobs

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This article is very important for people who are looking for typing jobs. You can have a career in typing jobs if you want to. Usually it is considered that typing jobs are very easy and you do not need any skill.  However this is not true. To become an expert you have to master each type of typing jobs. There are over 6 to 7 categories of typing jobs. You can do these jobs online as well as offline. You have to choose one or two out of following typing jobs. If you become an expert on this then you can easily make a living out of typing jobs.



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Regular Typing Data Entry Jobs


The regular data entry jobs are where you convert an image file into a word file. You read words from an image file and write it down in a word file. The image file will contain a paragraph with some of the most difficult words.
These words are not very common because they are medical terms. You need to see those words and write it down in a word file without any mistake. The required accuracy rate is over 99.99%. So there is almost zero chance of mistake. They will reject your work even if your accuracy is 99.98%.  So pay attention and practice a lot before you become an expert.

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Data Entry in Excel Spreadsheet


Here you have to enter data into Excel spreadsheet. Data that you will be given is inventory products, their name, stock number, price, expiry date and many other details. You have to fill these data into an Excel spreadsheet.
So here you must be familiar with MS Excel. You must be able to perform various mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc using the formula in the Excel. You need typing speed as well as some basic knowledge about Excel.


Formatting Jobs


In formatting jobs you have to be familiar with MS Word especially working with tables, fonts, indentation and templates. You will be asked to format a word document with instructions given by your employer. You have to change font, indentation, paragraph etc. Basically these are letters that you will be asked to format.


Copy and Paste Jobs


As the name suggests you have to just copy and paste. You copy a paragraph from one document to another.
Then you might have to email these documents to given email addresses. The text that you copy could be one liner, 10 liners, 20 liners or even 50 liners. So it depends upon each document. Formatting and Copy & Paste jobs may seem easier but you have to do finish thousands of documents each day.


Transcription Jobs


Here you have to convert audio files into text files. You will be listening to audio files like interviews, lecture, dictation, speeches etc writing it into a text file. However if transcription jobs are about legal and medical then you require special training. Transcription jobs are not easy because you need so many skills. First of all you need to have great listening skills. Second skill is you need to write it down very fast. Third is you must have good command over the English language. Transcription jobs are great but you need to have experience before you apply them.


Filling forms and Surveys


Filling forms and survey is a casual typing job because you can’t make enough money with them. However they still exist and you can make money with it. You have to find a company that is genuine and pays you on time. It takes just 5 to 10 minutes to fill a form and you get paid for doing so.


General Tips for Typing Jobs


Here are some general tips for all typing jobs that you must have.

  • You must have a typing speed of 30 words per minute (minimum).
  • Accuracy is must for all kinds of typing jobs.
  •  The most important skill is command over English language. If your English is good then you can type fast and accurately.
  • You have to master various data entry tools or software if you want to become an expert.
  •   You also need to have good hearing and listening skills.
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office like Work, Excel, Access is must.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice
  • Choose a typing job that is best for you and practice hard if you want to become an expert.
  • You must follow all the points written in this article in order to become a pro.


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