How to create a free blog in blogspot with a custom domain

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How to create a free blog in

In this article, I will share how to create a free blog in Blogspot is one of the best content management platform owned by google where you can create posts,  write articles, share your knowledge. And it can be publised in worldwide web.  Creating a blog not only help you to share the information to global audience,  but it can help you to earn money by monetizing commercially. And if you are serious about earning money online, then you need a blog.


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If you are planning to start a blog or to create a website and you are shortage of money or you do not want to pay the hosting fee then there are many places, where you can create a free blog. But the most popular place to create a free blog is  It will host your articles, images, videos without any cost. And it is very easy to work with its every option Without having any knowledge or experience about it. Now in this article I will share with you how to create  a free blog or website in and how can you redirect your blogspot sub domain in to your own custom domain.


For creating a website, You need two things. One is the domain name and another is hosting.  Like my domain name is tryhomejob where I can share about online job opportunity. Like that, You have to select a domain according the topic or subject which you are going to create a website.  Once you selected a domain, then next thing you need to host your website in a server where your articles , images and other documents will be published .


For hosting there are paid hosting and also free hosting. Blogspot is a free hosting service.  But here you will only get a sub domain free not a domain name.  Subdomain means you will get a blog address something looks like  not .  You can not expect everything free.  Atleast you will get a free hosting which will save you 5000 rupees every year.  But blogspot has given one option that help you to redirect your sub- domain into your custom domain. Here I will show you how to do that.


As blogspot is owned by google , then you can sign in to it by using any of your gmail account.  Next you can watch the video below. It shows step by steps how to create a free blog in



Once you created your  free blog,  you will get a blog address like . And if you want to make it, then you can purchase your domain name from any domain register company  and blogspot has the option to redirect your sub domain in to custom domain. Below I will show you how to redirect your blogspot URL into your custom domain address.


Now for purchasing a domain, you can consider to buy it from godaddy as it is the most branded and popular domain selling company in Internet.  You can click the banner below and select a suitable domain name for your business. It may cost you around 128 rupees for one year including taxes( 99 rupees domain cost +28.65 taxes=127.65 rupees total cost).  Once you selected a domain then register your name and make a payment through your debit card or net banking to get a domain in your name.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!


How to connect your domain in blogspot blog


how to redirect a blogspot blog in to a custom domain


Here I will show you , how to redirect your blogspot blog with a custom domain. Make sure you have already purchase the domain. Then come to your blogger dashboard and click on setting. Next watch the video below.


Once you connected your domain, you can start blogging. Initially spend some time with your blog to know , how  every option of the blogspot works. Next , everything will be easy for you to understand slowly.  Starting a blog with blogspot has lot of benefits. At least it will help you to know what is a website and how to start blogging without spending too much money. For the newbies, it will help to promote some affiliate offers and monetize with adsense ads to earn money without thinking much about how to create a website.



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