how to create an account in Skrill and verify it in India

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Skrill is an online payment processor to receive and send money online. Over the years, skrill has evolved as one of the trusted online payment processor to do transaction online. It is a london based company started in 2001 providing one of the secure and quick digital payment online. It is also one of the alternative to other payment processors like paypal or payza. As paypal, has declined to do transaction with Ptc website and other hyip sites, due to its new terms and service update,  then you can open an account in skrill to receive money .


how to create and verify your account in skrill


Below I will show you how to create an account in skrill and how you can verify your account . Before that make sure,  you have a bank account or debit card to receive money.  And now click the banner below to sign up with skrill.




Next one page will be opened, it will ask your email, password. Just fill up and click on next



STEP 2 –

Fill up your personal details.  Such as your name, surname, date of birth and then click on next




Now select country, currency you want to receive money and then click on next.




Fill up your address details with pin code and then click on next.




fill up your ph. no. select the captcha and then select the box terms and condition. And finally click on open  account.




Now check your registered email and confirm your account.








Once you click on confirmation link, then your email will be verified and it will ask you to log in to your account. Now , you can use your registered email and password to log into your account.



 How to add Your bank account in skrill?

You already created your account and after log in , you will see the following images  below. Here you can add your bank account, debit card or credit card. Now if you want to receive money with bank account then click on add bank account.


Click on cards and bank accounts and the click on add bank account



Next, one pop up window will appear,  fill up your country name , bank swift code, bank account number, If you do not know your bank swift code just ask your bank employee or you can find it in online by clicking this link  . Once you fill up your bank details then click on “add account and continue” .



How to verify your skrill account?


You can still do transaction with skrill without verifying your account but it has certain limitations. You can receive money and send money through your bank account without verifying it upto the transaction amount 2,500 euro that means in Indian currency Rs 1,77591.77 . After that  you have to verify your bank account to remove the limit of transaction.

There are two ways you can verify your skrill account. Either you can verify your bank account or you can verify your debit card or credit card. For verifying your bank account, you have to wait until your transaction amount reach 2,500 euro. Once you reach that amount , there will be a banner link appear in your account dashboard and once you click that it will ask you to upload your documents. There are two documents they need to verify your account.

  • country national ID card (voter ID card or passport or driving license)
  • utility bill (bank transaction letter)

Before uploading, make sure that your name  and address in bank transaction letter is same as in your skrill account. If not then update your address in skrill account. Once you update your address, just upload the document and then they will review your documents and within 24 hours they will verify it.

Transaction fees of skrill

WARNING The standard transaction fees for skrill is $6, no matter the amount you are going to cash out. Therefore, you should not withdraw a small amount because if you withdraw a small amount suppose 1000 rupees , they will deduct 380 rupees as fee and you only can withdraw 620 rupees and another thing is they dont have control over the bank transaction fees . Once you withdraw 620 rupees to your bank account, near about 400 rupees will be deducted as bank trasaction fees and you will get very less amount. Therefore you should try PAYZA or PAYPAL


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      1. iam requested a money on clixsense on sunday but the amount did not came to skrill account,,,, i checked in clixsense it shows pending payment

        1. the moment you cash out, it will be in pending status. And within 2 or 3 days money will come to your skrill account.

        1. yes without verifying you can withdraw but it has some limit. if your transaction has been declined then it may be due to you are withdrawing gambling money or you may have withdrawn little amount which is less than bank transaction fee.

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