9 ways to earn money from swagbucks ( A beginner’s guide)

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Swagbucks is one of the best online rewarding sites started in 2005. It will reward you SB (swag bucks) for your different activities which can be converted into cash while redeeming.  A rewarding sites is one which includes lot of features to earn money online. It’s earning features includes completing surveys, playing games, completing tasks, watching online videos, web searching, shopping online, and also through its referral program. The more SB, you accumulate the more money you will earn. Below we will discuss about how it works and how can you earn money from it.



9 ways to earn money online from swagbucks


how to use swagbucks to earn rewards from it

Before you are going to use swagbucks and earn free rewards from it, you must have to register your name. You can go to swagbucks by clicking this link  and create a free account. Next,  earn some quick swag bucks by filling up your profile and searching something in their search engine. Now follow the steps below to know the different ways to earn money from swagbucks.


  • Earn from completing surveys, offers
  • earn swag bucks for completing tasks
  • play games to earn swag bucks
  • watching videos
  • Answering polls
  • use swagcodes to redeem SB
  • use search engine to earn swag bucks everyday
  • shopping online
  • referring new members


Earn from completing surveys and offers

Everyday swagbucks post new surveys and offers in their websites. You will not get survey invitation through your email but you have to check everyday by logging into your account. Surveys are the most easy ways to make 100 to 150 swag bucks everyday.  Most of the surveys take 10 to 20 minutes to complete and an average survey pays you 75 SB. Sometimes you may be disqualified based on your answers and sometimes you will be able to complete a survey but try frequently.

surveys, offers, swagbucks


And once you joined with swagbucks, you will get a profile surveys to update your information. Make sure you have completed it. For completing profile survey you will be rewarded with 16 SB. Also you can check out special offers to earn SB. Most of the offers need an Android phone to complete.

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Earn SB by completing tasks



Swagbucks is a partner site of crowdflower. Here you will get all crowdflower tasks. If you have experience in doing crowdflower tasks, then you can easily make some SB.


playing games

Playing games needs investing some money or swag points which you have earned by doing different activities. No matter whether you lose or win you will make some swag bucks. But I don’t  recommend this.

Watching videos

They pay swag bucks by watching their videos. But it has some limitations per day. That means one can earn upto 150 SB maximum by watching videos. Videos are from different categories like news, entertainment, health, food, pets. And I think they do not have that option for Indian members.

Answering polls

Here you can earn 1 SB by answering polls or rating a review and some times you have to comment on the reviews. For answering the polls you have to click the daily poll and select the date today and then give an answer.


Use swagcodes to earn swagbucks

Swagbucks will give one swagcode. You have to use that code to earn swag bucks.  To find an active swagcodes is bit difficult. Sometimes they publish it, in their social networking site like facebook or twitter   . If you find one active swagcode then click on account  and below the account you will find an option enter your swagcode. Once you entered you will be rewarded 15 or 16 SB. Otherwise install swagbutton in your chrome or firefox browser to know about the active swagcodes and other survey notifications.

Use swagbuck search engine to earn 7 to 9 SB everyday


Earlier swagbucks was used for search engine like google and yahoo. And its search engine is powered by yahoo. That means swagbucks search engine will show the same result what yahoo is showing in their result. And its result is very much similar to google also. Not much difference. But the difference is you will not earn money by searching in yahoo or google while Swagbucks pays you by using their search engine.  If you use their search engine instead of google then you might earn 7 to 9 swag bucks everyday. Install their extension in your browser so that it will be your default search engine.

Shopping online

Swagbucks has been affiliated with big retailer like Amazon, wallmart, Target  and also other big companies. If you think purchase something online from those companies then use your swagbuck link to purchase and earn some SB as commissions.

Referring new members

Swagbucks offers 10% referral commission. If you refer new members to swagbucks and if they earn 500 SB then you will get 50 SB as commissions.

Cash out

Once you earned 700 SB , Then you can cash out through paypal . In exchange of 700 SB, paypal will give you $5. And there are other option for cashing out your money like through flipkart gift card , zobong gift voucher which you can use for purchasing something. But you can choose your option.

Final thoughts

Swagbuck is one of the legit site to make some extra cash or reward every month. If you can not use their all features, atleast use their surveys and search engine to earn rewards in your free time.

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