Earn from Two oldest and Paying Ptc sites online

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Earn with the top and best PTC sites (paid to click)

What is ptc sites

PTC means paid to click. These are small advertising network. Advertisers pay money to PTC sites to advertise their product and part of that money ptc site pays its members for viewing or clicking their ads. That is the concept.


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So, as a member, you can earn by clicking ads. Each ad you click you will be able to earn from $0.001 to $0.02. Apart from clicking ads, They have other ways to earn money like completing tasks, offers, short surveys, playing  the game and recommending your friends.


Working with PTC will not take much of your time. Hardly it will take 10 to 20 minutes every day, if you can work with  3 to 4 legit sites. One thing you should remember, there are a lot of sites offer this kind of work but you should not trust all of them. Most of the sites turn scam within few days.



Therefore, you should find out the oldest and trusted PTC sites which are paying more than 3 years.  Every site has a minimum payout. Once you reach that amount you can apply for cash-out. The cash out amount will vary from site to site. Some site has minimum $2 and some site has $8. So, It may vary from $1 to $10.



How to receive payment?

how to receive payment from ptc sites

Before working with PTC site, you must need a payment processors to receive money. There are many payment processor through which you can cash out your money. Now you can create an account in  Payza Or PayPal to receive your payment. First ptc site will send your money to your skrill or payza account and then skrill will send it to your bank account. The method is simple.





How to earn money with this program?

  • Step 1- Click the banner below
  • Step 2- click the sign-up or register option. Fill up your information details. Next, check your email to confirm your account. (But in Neobux you will get a code to your email to verify your account. Just copy the code and paste it Neobux validation box to verify your email.)
  • Step 3- Once your account will be verified, then log into the site by using your username and password.
  • Step 4- Every site has an option, view ads or view advertisements and click on it. You will see the ads. Click on the ads one by one. Once you click the ad, an advertisement page will be opened. Stay there until the timer will end.
  • Step 5-  Advertisements will be added to your account every 24 hours. So, you must log into your site every single day to view the ads. Follow these above 5 step process to earn money with ptc site simply clicking ads.


Note- In Neobux, it will ask your PayPal email id while registration. If you do not have any account in PayPal right now, then you can type any email id you have and later you can open an account and update it in neobux.


Now you can join by clicking the banner below.


watch this short video below


How to increase your income?


There are three ways to multiply your income.


First way– In clixsense apart from clicking ads, you can try to complete offers, surveys, tasks, playing grid. The same with Neobux. After viewing ads, you can earn by completing coin offers, point offers, mini jobs and also clicking adprizes. Adprize is just a game. Sometimes you can win Neopoint or cash. You can win up to a golden membership which costs 90$.




While clicking ads in Neobux you should click 4 orange ads first. If you miss clicking orange ads in a single day you will lose your referral commissions.


second Way– Through its referral program or down line program. Each site offers a referral link to make people join under you. When people join under you by clicking your referral link, Not only they will earn money but you will earn 50% of commissions. So more referrals mean more commissions. In this way, you can increase your income.




In Neobux, The condition for referring others is you must be a member at least 15 days and you must click  100 ads.

Third Way– In clixsense once you get at least 30 or 40 active direct referrals then try to upgrade your membership into the premium. Premium member will cost you $17 for one year. But it’s worth, because you will get more commissions from your downline whenever they complete tasks, offers, click ads, purchase ads, or upgrade their membership and much more.


But in case of Neobux, upgrading cost is too high which is $90 per year. You should not upgrade unless you should have a large number of active direct referrals.





clixsense payment proof


clixsense, payment, proof



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  1. Yes ! agree with this post, both are good & genuine p.t.c sites . Am earning through neobux since from 5 years… if any one looking for extra online income source from home just follow the article. Thanks for sharing a p.t.c post

    1. Hello,

      these are all old and paying ptc sites, still working. But you can not expect to be rich with those site. It is just for extra money every month by clicking ads and completing surveys.

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