Earn with Amazon Mechanical Turk(mturk) micro freelancing jobs

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Amazon mechanical Turk(mturk) is a job based market place where 1000 of small jobs or tasks known as Hits are available for the workers who wants to work for the requester(employer). Works are like finding the item number on a product, choosing an appropriate category for a product, translating a paragraph.

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A Hit(Human Intelligence Task) represents a single task which a worker can do to earn money. From a single task you can earn from 1 cent to some dollars. Before completing any Hits you have to read the instruction carefully and submit your work to the requester then he will review your work and if he approved your work you will be rewarded the amount which is associated with that particular task.


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How to sign up with mechanical turk


Before going to work on Amazon mechanical turk you must resister your name with mturk as a worker.  Next, they will review your account and if they approve your account then you can start working with it.  First of all click this link to sign up with Mturk.  Next click on sign in as a worker. Then follow the steps below.


sign up with amazon mturk


Once you click on sign in as a worker, you will see a form like below. It will ask you two things which is your email and do you have an Amazon.com password. That means if you already have a Amazon account before, then you can write your email and select yes, I have a password. If you do not have any amazon account before, then just write your email and select no, I am a new customer.  Then click on sign in using our secure server.



Next,  a new registration page will be opened, and you have to fill up your information details and finally click on create account. Then you will get a email from mturk to confirm your account. Once you confirmed your account, they will review your account and if they need the new worker then they will approve your account.



If your Amazon account not get approved then what to do next?


Many people complain that now Mturk is not accepting,  the new members from India but it is not the fact.  When their market place needs new workers then they will approve you. All you have to do is sign up with mturuk  and if you get denied then don’t worry. They will send you an approval email after some days or months when they need new workers.


I am from India .  I joined with Mturk some months back. But at that time they did not accept my account by saying that you are not permitted to work on mturk. Look at the image below.

screenshot-mail google com 2016-07-08 18-01-40


Therefore I was disappointed . lot of my friends said Mturk is not accepting new members from India but after some months I got an email from mturk which said your previous request to join in Amazon Mechanical turk market place has been accepted. Look at the image below


Therefore if your request to join with mturk has been declined, do not be worry . Your term will come according to their market needs. Have patience. And if you get approved atleast you will get a real site to earn money from Internet. Because mturk is owned by the biggest company Amazon.

How to earn money with Amazon Mechanical turk


As mturk is a big market place for the jobs, you will get different kinds of tiny tasks. But never accept the hard tasks for the sake of money. If you get rejected then it may harm your reputation and ratings. Always accept the Hits which you are confident and do it correctly by following the instructions.


You have to follow 3 steps in order to earn from Amazon mturk.

  • find the work
  • work on your Hit
  • Get paid for your work


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working with mturk is simple. Just log in to your account dashboard and click on hits . Then you will see 1000 of  Hits(tasks) are available to work. Some Hits may need your qualification test and some Hits you are not qualified . The Hit which needs your qualification test may pay you more but before accept that Hits, the employer needs a test from you, whether you are the right candidate to complete the task or not.


But some Hits may say, you are not qualified that means initially you have to complete some easy tasks to improve your rating so that those Hits will be available for you. But some tasks does not need any qualification and as an initial worker you can work with those Hits. But before accepting any Hits make sure that the task is easy enough to complete in order to improve your scoring in mturk. Once you will be a reputed worker you will find many tasks to earn more money.


How to receive payment

Your completed Hits(tasks) needs to be approved by the requester. If he approved your Hits then your earning will be visible in your account balance. And if you are a new worker, you have to be active 10 days before you see the earning. Once your earning will be 10$ then you can transfer it to your bank account or Amazon gift card. Bank transfer is only available for Indian and American workers. For International workers Amazon gift card is available to receive money.

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