how to make money from google adsense( a newbie guide)

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As Google is the number one search engine in internet,  it can not be survived without revenue. Therefore, it developed two systems which is Google Adword and another is Google Adsense.


Google Adwords is for advertisers those who want to purchase advertisements to reach out their customers. Advertiser pays google to show their ads in their relevant search results and other partner sites.


Advertisers purchase the ad space in pay per click (PPC) basis. That means they do not pay only for showing ads but they pay when a click has been made to their ads.


Google Adsense is a revenue sharing company which enables the webmasters to put those Adward ads into their websites.  Google pays the webmaster in pay per click basis. That means when a visitor click their ads , google will pay 68% of total advertising revenue to the webmasters.

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how to earn money online with google adsense



If you want to earn from adsense, then you must need a website. If you already have a website and you want to be a publisher of google adsense  then you can apply for it. If you get approved, then log into your Adsense dashboard and create different ad sizes and put the ad code into your website side bar, header , below title.


The moment you put the ad code , then google will start showing the ads.  If the visitors of your website will click those ads then you will earn money. Google will pay you 68% of total ad revenue which other network will  not pay. And another thing is google will show the ads 100% relevant to your website content which might interest your visitors to click those ads.


Google adsense is the best choice for every bloggers to monetize their website content.  people are earning more than 1000$ from it every month. At least if your website is getting 1000 visitors every day then you can expect 6 to 7 dollars and it totally depends where your traffic is coming


If your website is getting traffic from the country like USA, CANADA, then your RPM will be more. That means  for 1000 traffic you can expect  8 to 9 dollars like that and it also depends how the advertiser pays for the ads.


If you don’t have a website then you can create one and creating a website only will not help you to be approved by adsense. You must need content for your website. Like every website you visit they have something to offer to their visitors. Without content no one will visit your website.


Therefore, you have to choose a particular topic ( subject) which you have enough knowledge and interest. It might be your favorite.  Particular topic means , suppose you have interest in sports but sports is a vast topic. There are 1000 of sports. But you have interest in certain kind of sports like yoga.  And again Yoga is a vast topic but you know only some  particular Indian yoga. Then you can write about yoga and give tips to your readers.


I gave you an example. But you have to choose your own topic and see what is your speciallity. And if you lack some information, then always research in your topic searching in Internet. Once you selected your topic then write articles for your website and create at least 10 to 20 posts  before you apply for adsense.

How to apply for adsense?

I have created short video , which will show you the step by step process to apply adsense account for your website. But make sure that your website must be getting at least 300 to 400 traffic everyday and your website might be looking a professional and good looking. Better you can install a premium template. Apart from it, your content should not violate their program and policies. Such as , your content might be unique . You should not copy others content and paste it in your website. I just suggest you read their program and policies before apply for adsense


watch this video below

How to earn money with Adsense without a website


You still can make money with adsense even if you do not have a website and it can only be possible through hosted partner adsense account. What is hosted partner adsense account?


hosted, partner, adsense



YouTube  and Blogspot are the partner site of google. YouTube is a video sharing site and blogspot is a content sharing site . If you want to earn money from your own video, then you can earn money with youtube by uploading it and monetize with Adsense ads.  There you can apply for an Adsense account direct through your youtube account.


Blogspot is another partner site of google. Its a content management platform where you can create your own blog and write articles in your favorite topic . Next, You can apply for an adsense account direct through your account dashboard to monetize your content with Adsense ads.


As YouTube and Blogspot blog are partner site of google , therefore they are known as hosting partner .  If your Adsense account get approved via YouTube then it is known as hosting partner Adsense account. That account you can only use through YouTube and Blogpot. But you can not use it your own website, which is known as a non hosting partner.


The Adsense account which you get approved via Youtube is known as partially approved. And if you want fully access to your Adsense account which you want to use your non hosting partner site, like your own website then just log in to your Adsense dashboard and provide your website URL in “access and authorization” section. Then they will review it . Once you get approved, then you can show adsense ads in any of your site.


Final words


If you applied for an Adsense account through your website and it get denied or unapproved by the Adsense team, then don’t worry. They will give necessary instructions what you supposed to change in order to get approved.


As Adsense is one of the best way to earn money from internet, still it is not 100% risk free. Because simple violation of their program and policies may put your account in risk. Therefore always abide by their rules and regulations. The common policies  are,

  • never click your own ads
  • nor encourages others to click
  • Never try to get traffic from ptc site  or traffic exchange site.
  • Never copy others content
  • never create more than one account in your name.


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