How to receive and send payment online

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Receiving payment online

receiving payment online in indiaWhen you start working online, the first question that come to your mind, how can you receive payment online. As online is a unseen thing, you do not know where is the company situated, how to deal with them because most of the company which you are going to work is far away from your location.


Incase any problem happened to your account, then only way to deal with them is sending a support ticket and waiting for them to answer your question, which may solve your quarry.


Therefore it is very important for you to know how to receive your payment from online company. It is not too difficult to know what is the medium how the online company is paying through internet. There are different online jobs where company follows the different method to pay its members. So, you must have to clear your doubt what is the suitable way to receive the payment.


Here I am going to show you the most important payment processor online but before that, 2 things  you have to make sure that you already possess which is your bank account and a pancard( if you are from India).


The common payment processor online is  Payza, skrill, payoneer and paypal . These are just like your online bank where your money will be converted to your own currency and transferred to your bank account. Suppose you are working with a company which is situated outside of your country then they may send your money in their own currency to your paypal account and the paypal will convert it in your local currency and then sent it to your bank account.


All ptc site , micro freelancing job site, survey site, email reading job site pays through paypal or payza. Therefore before going to work in those site you must have to open your account in paypal or payza and verify your account in order to receive money. For verifying your account you must need two documents as earlier I have mentioned. You need a bank account and a pancard which is in your name. You can read below.



Most of the Indian bank which has been approved by RBI (Reserve bank of India) supports paypal or payza to receive money.  Other ways to receive money from online is direct  through bank transfer. Like receiving money from google adsense , some affiliates sites like Amazon, commission junction they pay through direct bank transfer.


Gift card or voucher

Some rewarding or survey site pay through gift card or voucher like Amazon gift card or Flipcard gift voucher which you can use to purchase the items.  Or if you do not want to purchase online, then you can purchase reliance gift voucher from Amazon with the exchange of your Amazon gift card. Once you got your reliance gift voucher then you can visit any local reliance physical supermarket to shop any item.


Sending money or purchasing online

There are many options available in Internet to purchase online or send money to your relatives ,  You can purchase or send through paypal, debit card or credit card or netbanking. Most of the online company allow you through paypal or net banking to shop online.


Therefore Paypal is the best option for you to do online transaction. It is the most trusted online payment processor to help you to send or make a payment online. But you need to connect your debit card or credit card with your paypal account to do so.  Because for receiving money through paypal you need to connect your bank account but for sending and purchasing you need a debit card or credit card to connect with paypal. Read below




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