Make money online with surveys in India.

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Best paid surveys  from internet without investment

paid surveysOnline paid survey jobs are very popular because of its simplicity. Even if, you have a offline job, still you can manage some of your time (morning or evening) spending 30 or 45  minutes with the Internet and make some extra cash by staying at your home.


Paid survey means, you will be paid by completing surveys, simply providing your opinion. Your opinion has a lot of importance for companies. They want your thought about their product. So that, they can make it better.

Market researchers are willing to pay the people for their opinions in surveys. Sometimes they want to deal with the customers about a specific product or services. At the same time, they target the specific individuals to complete their surveys. Before getting any survey invitation, every survey company must take your profile data, so that they can send a survey matched with your profile information. Your profile data is pre survey in order to get new surveys. Your personal data will never be revealed. Therefore do not worry while filling up your profile information.


How survey company works


Actually, the survey company, they do not have their own product. They are just market researchers.  They work with the biggest brand from all over the world. They set up their survey company to provide the people’s opinion to the various companies who have the real product.  They collect client from all over the world. Suppose global test market is a survey company which is powered by leading market research company lightspeed GML. This market research company has more than 1400  clients from 60 countries worldwide.  Therefore, it prepares the surveys for their clients and provide the opinion of people about their product, then that data will be analyzed by the brand company to make their product better. That is how survey company works. They are just the middle man in between the biggest brand and the consumers or the customers.

Be honest your opinion


You must be honest while answering their questions. If you give more honest answers, then you might receive more survey invitations which will help you to earn more. For completing one survey, you might earn one $1 to $5 depending on the length of the survey. They want to know the customer’s opinion about their services so that they can make it better.


kinds of survey

There are two kinds of surveys. One is the daily survey and another is research survey. Daily surveys are about your lifestyle. This survey can be done once per day but in the research survey, they need the people from certain demography. If you come under their demographic area, then that survey might be available for you.


Therefore it is very hard to get survey sites in India. Because most survey sites are targeted for international customers like USA , UK, or Canada. Still, some of the sites offer surveys for Indian customers. We are going to provide a list of survey sites for Indian members. Don’t expect surveys from same companies every day because some company may monthly send 5 or 6 survey invitations and some companies may send 8 or 10. Therefore you have to join 10 to 15  paid survey sites in order to earn a decent income.

Some survey sites may send you survey invitation through your registered email and some sites may post the surveys in their websites. In both ways, you have to check it. You have to check your email and also you have to log into survey sites to check whether the survey is available for you or not.





Some survey sites will pay you directly through your PayPal account and some survey sites will reward you prizes, vouchers. Through vouchers, you can purchase any product through online or offline.


Some tips before joining with survey sites

Here I will give you some tip, before you join with any free paid survey sites. If you want to more money with survey sites  like monthly 50$ or more then follow the simple instructions below


  • join with your best email address which you open frequently in a day
  • some survey sites may ask you to update your profile Information, just update it.
  • while updating your profile information, name your city is a metro city. like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc
  • Join as many as free paid survey sites possible and make sure your PayPal is verified to receive money.
  • Survey invitation will come directly to your email address. Make sure you are checking your email every day.


18 genuine online survey companies for Indian



Now I am going to provide the 18  best online survey sites which will be suitable for Indian members. All survey sites are genuine and legit. Generally, survey companies do not scam others because they are big companies and they have their real business. You can join with all sites and expect the surveys regular basis.



Earlier it was only a ptc site but right now it turned to a rewarding site. You will get a number of surveys from different companies. They have the daily survey from survey router. There you can try several times a day to complete a survey.

Apart from that, you will get a lot of surveys from different online survey companies. just install their clixaddon to your browser which will notify you, if the survey is available. You will receive payment through PayPal once you reach $8 as a standard member. Join with clixsense here



Ipanelonline is one of top Asian survey site. Most probably it targets the domestic customers. But it accepts members from 20 countries worldwide.  It does not send survey invitations through your email but you have to check available survey by logging into your account. They will provide the survey based on your profile information make sure you have updated it. Here you can earn points by completing surveys. By completing your profile survey, you may earn some points.  Apart from profile survey, they will provide other product based surveys where you can earn more points.

The minimum amount for cash out is 200 points which are 200 Indian rupees. You can redeem your cash through your PayPpal account but they have also other ways to receive your cash. You can choose your suitable option. Now you can join with ipanelonline




It is one of the fastest growing survey community panel and the part of cint opinion Hub. You will be rewarded financially by providing your opinion. That means each survey you will complete, you will earn money in dollars.  Surveys will take few minutes to complete. The amount you will earn from completing a survey may vary from $0.50 to some dollars. Most of the surveys are minimum one dollar. And some surveys are more than 2 dollars. The best thing about questmindshare is you will complete it within some minutes and you will earn more comparative to other survey panels. The minimum amount for cash out is $12.50 and it will pay you through PayPal.  Now you can join with questmindshare



It is just same as questmindshare and the partner site of cint opinion Hub.  After sign up update your profile information. Then each month you will be able to receive more than 6 surveys. Survey invitation will come to your email. Each survey you complete, you may earn up to maximum 300 rupees. Surveys will take few minutes to complete and lengthy surveys may pay you more. The minimum amount for redeeming your cash is $12.50 and You will receive it through your PayPal account. Now you can join with IWADI



Saybucks is one of the legit online survey company, where you can earn 1 to 2 dollars for completing surveys. But lengthy surveys pay you more. Surveys are from cint panel and minimum cash out is $10 , if you are from India. Payment through PayPal. They will send you survey invitation through your email and make sure, you are checking your email every day. Because if you are late to open survey it might expire and you will lose money. Join with saybucks




This survey company is same as iwadi and questmindshare.  It receives the survey from cint opinion Hub. It is also a member of American marketing association. Each survey you complete, you can earn from 30 rupees to 250 rupees. The longer is the survey, the greater is the payment. Survey invitation will come through your email, once you sign up with this company. Payment is through PayPal once you reach 75rupees. So, you do not have to wait too long to claim your payment. Now you can join with TRIABA INDIA. Once you joined, verify your email address and complete all your profile information, to expect more surveys.



pollbuzzer surveys are targeted for demographic locations. Most of them are product based surveys. Each survey you complete, you can earn $1. You need a verified paypal account to sign up with pollbuzzer. Make sure you already have a PayPal account which has already been verified. Minimum cash out is $1. Now, you can sign up with pollbuzzer



Viewpointpanel is a part of Mintscan an online market research survey and panel company. It was founded on 2009. It accepts members from 14 countries worldwide. It provides the survey regarding consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel, and finance. Most of the surveys take 5 to 20 minutes to complete. After joining, you must have to update your profile information to get a right survey for you. It sends survey invitation direct through email, makes sure you are checking your account periodically because if you late to open the survey then it may get expire or quota full. The minimum amount for cash out is $12.50 and you will receive it through your PayPal account, Now you can join below sign up with viewpointpanel.





Acop is owned by American consumer opinion. They need the opinion from all over the world. Therefore members from all over the world are allowed to join with this site. Most of the surveys take 10 minutes to complete. Here you will earn points by completing surveys. Points can be converted into cash while receiving money. One point equals to one cent. That means if you earn 100 points that can be equals to $1. Once you will earn 1,000 points then you will be able to receive your money through your PayPal account. 1,000 points mean $10.  They never posted surveys in their website. You will get survey invitation through your registration email.  Now you can join with ACOP




Global test market is one of the leading market research company powered by Lightspeed GMI, was founded in 1999. Here you can earn marketponits by completing surveys and can redeem your points for cash through PayPal.


or you can redeem your points reward items from over 200 partners; such as gift cards from Amazon, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s. Now join with Globaltestmarket




Here you can earn points by completing surveys and points can be redeemed through cash. 500 points=$1. Minimum cash out is $3. That means you have to earn 1500 points. You can withdraw your money through PayPal. Now you can join with viewfruit and complete your profile survey first.



Futuretalkers is owned by an International market research company “Insites consulting” which is working for the biggest brands to make them closure with the customers. It is also the partner with CINT opinion Hub.


And the most of the survey you will get which is from insites consulting or cint opinion Hub. The surveys may take 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Each survey you complete, you may earn from 50 cents to $2.50,  The minimum amount of cash out is varies from country to country. For India. it is $9.50 and your payment will be sent to your PayPal account. Join below



opinion world is one of the best rewarding sites. Most of the time they will send survey invitations to your registered email. As a member, you will be rewarded with points by completing their surveys.


Points can be redeemed through flipkart or jabong e-vouchers and there you can shop anything using your vouchers. Minimum cash out is 500 points. Now you can sign up with opinionworld




valued opinion is one of the largest survey company in the world established in 1999. Here you can earn rupees by completing surveys. Once you will earn 400 rupees you will be able to cash out through ticket compliment vouchers.

Vouchers will come through the post. You can use that vouchers to purchase anything from daily essentials to consumer durables, jewelry etc. Now you can join with valued opinion.



Here you can earn epoints by answering the questions or providing your opinions. How much epoints you will earn, it depends on the length of the surveys. 100 epoints is equals to 100 rupees. Once you earned 100 epoints you can apply for redemption or payout. It will pay you through Flipkart gift voucher or India times shopping voucher where you can use your money to purchase any product. Now you can join with Aip online survey by clicking image below and after joining update your profile information to get survey invitation through your email. Make sure you are checking your email every day. Now you can join with AIP online survey




Here you can earn points by completing surveys. Apart from completing surveys, they have other options to earn points like creating polls where you can discuss about a favorite topic or you can answer others questions.


If you create a topic which gets more opinion from others, suppose it get 40 answers from Toluna community members, then you will get 2000 points, They have profile survey. By filling all your profile stuff you will be able to earn points.


Apart from that, you can visit their survey center to complete all available survey to earn points. Once you earned 60, 000 points you will be able to cash out through PayPal or other rewarding options.  60,000 points will be converted into $20. Join her with TOLUNA.




ThePanelstation is a part of Borderless Access Pvt. Ltd. an online market research survey & panel company. It wants you to share your thought regarding consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel. By doing so, You will be able to earn points. They will send the survey invitation as well as they post new surveys in their website.  In both ways, you can check it out.  The minimum amount of cash out is 3000 points. 3000 points are equals to 300 rupees.  You can receive your reward through free recharge, paytm, Flipkart and Amazon gift voucher.  Join with  thepanelstation





Here you will get only short surveys. Each survey you complete, you can earn 3 cents. Every day you will get 1 survey at least. Surveys are about your personal life. You will get $1 sign up bonus. Minimum cash out $15 through PayPal and referral commission 20%. Join with paidviewpoint


JOIN other leading survey companies like opinion bereau, spidermetrix , AIP online survey, telly pulse, xcel-online survey,



This site offers research survey. For each survey you complete, you can earn minimum $1 to several dollars. It also offers referral program. You can earn by referring your friends. Join this site HERE




Surveys are one of the best ways to make extra income online every month. Make sure you have signed up with your best email. Because when the new surveys are available you may be notified via email. If  I will find any new survey sites which will be best for Indians I can update you.


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